Sunday, June 04, 2006

Mad Money Transcript -- Friday June 2nd, 2006

Mad Money Transcript for Friday, 06/02/2006

Jim: Hi, I'm Coach Cramer [blows whistle]. Coming right up is Mad Money! Market's choppy. You need a gameplan. Coach Cramer's giving you a sketch of the coming week and the plays you need to make MAD MONEY! Plus, alternative energy. It's gotten slammed. I've gone through the wreckage, found winners and smart speculation. I've got your play. The countdown to Mad Money begins NOW! [blows whistle]

[Introduction] Jim: You. Me. Let's try to make some MONEY! Mad Money. Mad Money: you can't afford to miss it!

[Camera pans away from a golden (Notre Dame style) helmet with the Mad Money logo on the side. As it pans out, it shows Jim with a Philadelphia Eagles #5 Donvan McNabb jersey, black eye paint and a whistle, crouched in a football stance. Cramer again blows his whistle] Jim: Hey, I'm Cramer. Welcome to Mad Money. Welcome to Cramerica Stadium! Other people want to make friends. I just want to make you some MOOLAH! ‘Cause my job is not just to entertain you, obviously [Cramer points to his football getup]; but to educate you. So call me at 1-800-743-CNBC. Tonight, tonight [picks up clipboard], tonight I’m giving you the only thing you really need. I’m giving you my gameplan. Now you don’t just need stock picks. You don’t just need [looks at clipboard], dare I say, my brilliant advice about the big trends. You need to know wat’s coming up and what to do about it. Now, we’re goping to do this every single Friday although I won’t be necessarily be wearing this gear. So when you come Monday, you know what’s happening and you know what to do. Here’s how the gameplan works. I tell you the lay of the land [tries unsuccessfully to blow whistle through helmet]. Ok. Uh, then I tell you how I think you should play it next week. You want calls on next week’s earnings? I got them too. Remember this game. You’d rather be prepared than good [runs helmet-down towards the wall, hits it with helmet. Takes helmet off].

Alright. When we’re gaming out next week, we need to understand that the market right now is in the middle of a constant struggle. It’s Verdun EVERYWHERE [Caption: The battle of Verdun was the longest battle in the First World War] [slams shotgun and machinegun buttons]! there are two camps vying for dominance: the hard landing crowd and the soft landing crowd. Think of them as the Bloods and the Crips, how about the Hatfields and McCoys for you more suburban types, or the Axis and the Allies if you really want to hate the bears [bear, shotgun] [Caption: the Hatfield-McCoy feud existed between two families in the West Virginia/Kentucky countryside]. In general, Cramer is betting against the hard landing boys, they be real bears [bear]. They think we’re heading into serious recession zone [bye bye broker, house of pain]. I think that they’re WRONG [shotgun]. But being wrong doesn’t matter, does it [slaps his shoulder pads]. WINNING MATTERS! And the hard landing guys won the field today. They really made themselves evident [whistle]. The problem with the people that thing we’re in for a hard landing, a crash landing, they don’t do enough homework [holds toy bear]. I guess they just didn’t see the good numbers coming out of the high end and middle end retailers last week. The real problem with these hard landing boys is they believe the Fed is about to go ballistic and start beating everything to a pulp [dive, trainwreck]! They’re doing this [Sell! Sell! Sell!] [Cramer shakes head]. I think they’re wrong. The Fed wants to raise rates to crush speculation in commodities. That’s already happened. I mean at one point this week copper had crashed. That’s what the Fed’s looking for [caption: Copper ahs quintupled since 1999, from $0.60/pound to $3.75 a pound]. And yeah, Gold was up. My gameplan says gold goes up then gold goes down and you gotta be a buyer [Caption: The gold August contract hit a six-week low on Thursday]. It was only because a lot of mindless investors were buying exchange traded funds with lots of gold exposure anyway. The fact is gold use has dropped 25% the first quarter alone because jewelry demand is down and going lower [dive] [Caption: Thursday marked a third consecutive session of declines for Gold]. Maybe it’s the women’s lib movement finally coming to fruition. Or maybe they’re just making rings out of silver. So the people that think the Fed is going to keep ratcheting up rates until the whole country comes to a standstill, THEY BE WRONG [machinegun]! I be giving them this [gong]. But it doesn’t matter that they’re wrong. You know why? Because there are a lot of them. Right and wrong only matter long-term. For the short-term gameplan, it’s just about which side has most yardage at the moment. And right now the hard landing guys


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