Thursday, March 10, 2005

Fighting for a 0.1 share: CNBC vs. Fox?

The New York Times (registration and sacrifice of first born child required) has an intriguing article about Fox News Channel's reported interest in creating a financial news channel to rival CNBC. While CNBC's ratings have been miniscule (and in decline since 1998), the high quality of the viewers make it a cash cow for parent company GE.

I would certainly be intrigued to see a finance channel from Fox. I watch Your World with Neil Cavuto on occasion, and I like the weekend business block, though I'm not usually awake to watch it. I'm not sure how well Fox could spread their business coverage over a whole day, but they have managed to do well with regular news, so I don't doubt they could do the same with a finance channel. They also have the number one business show in all of cable news, which is certainly a good place to start.


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