Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Better late than never - StoxBlog portfolio changes

It's my goal here on StoxBlog to be as honest as possible about what I'm doing with my money. I recently (5/17/05) updated my portfolio, but I haven't gotten around to updating it until now. Here's the lowdown:

MSFT and KO (entire stakes)
SPY (Approximately 1/3)

GOOG and XTO (~5% portfolio weight each)
GLD, PKX, and TIP (~1.5% portfolio weight each)

I'm using the commodity plays as a ballast for the portfolio (I still think the dollar will go down in the long term as a reckoning for dual deficits), and I bought Google because the thing keeps growing like gangbusters. I also got a miniscule issue of TELOZ (an offshore trust that was spun off from Magnum Hunter), so I'll likely be adding 2 stocks or subtracting one to get to a more round stock number (30 or 33).

On my watchlist: TPX and SHOP


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